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Website development PoltavaWeb Studio DoktorWEB – Provides professional services in web design, creation of sites of any complexity, from the site of a small to an online store, process, or the resurrection of old sites, imposition of a beautiful modern design, porting a database site, extracting critical information from databases, whether telephone base your clients, or simply user nicknames, SEO optimization for search queries.

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List of services from web studio “Doctor WEB”

Website Development – from business cards to website information portal of any complexity.
Refinement Site – finalize the site with a new design and technology.
Site Design – make a nice responsive design we can.
Service Site – your website you need to develop and update the information.
Support site – for a safe and trouble-free operation.
Site Promotion – promotion on search queries and increase rankings.
domain registration – buy only the names of the site unique.
Hosting site – placement of your site on our servers.
Website and tips

Create Site.

As for personal needs, whether it be a personal blog or manuals for the general public, the forum on any topic or with any design, site for customer support with ticket system and faq directory, information portal, site card for small businesses and large companies, online store, with any design, theme design, buttons, can credit, background, pictures, menus, all able to style your style, also all kinds of functionality, commenting, connect comments to different social networks, integrate huskies and reputation, the opportunity to give feedback to the conclusion Stars in search engine snippet repost in the social network, auto sending an e-mail or sMS when ordering, filtering and sorting of goods, the ticket system on any platform, and other functionality.

Refinement site.

Modify your website or project as content management system and the fork or other platforms, design refinement and functionality, the possible porting the project to another, a better environment.

Web site design for any purpose.

Layout and design of the site, how to scratch and work patterns, with the possibility Stylized website to suit your style, and innovation in the market, responsive design (great site map as the plasma and on the small screen of the phone). Individual design for each customer.

Service website.

Every website needs a timely care, as well as the development and updating of information and opportunities, for example, you have changed items in a price and already outdated information or contacts on the site. We will help you in the maintenance of the site.

Web site promotion and raising the rating.

Every website needs to promote, for the search query he will at the end of the ranking, well unless of course your site is tender search query “Konsobakakot buy” promotion takes place in several stages, these include: the semantic core, SEO optimization, promotion via links with social networks, thematic sites, and other secrets of promotion and capacity rating.

Registration of a domain name.

Selection and registration of a domain name for a website plays an important role, and this testifies about the technical documentation Googla, we can say briefly: how to call and poplyvesh. We can pick you up a suitable name and register it professionally.

Hosting for the site as a motor for the car.

A very important role is played by a hosting you choose, there are many hosting features that appear on the speed of the site, the response time, the location of it, available time (uninterrupted operation), the speed of the website hosting is reflected in the positions in the search results. We will find you the best option at the price of quality.

support site.

Creation of sites and tips:

[Info] When creating a site you need to decide what your site is, what will it function, what will be on site to present the user will behave with the naive and the site features content that the user will do after reading the site. (If possible make a note, they will help the webmaster to create a site. [/Info]

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