Computer repair in Poltava

Computer repair in Poltava
When the computer does not make any sounds when turned on (if it is working, most computers issue one beep), errors are displayed on the screen, it does not start from the first time, it jumps and spontaneously shuts down, and for other problems connected with abnormal operation of a personal computer or laptop, netbook , You need to contact our service, we will be able to:

Diagnose the breakdown of any computer component.
Repair the fault by repairing or replacing.
Correct all obvious errors, both hardware and software.
Upgrade your computer or laptop.
Correct the normal OS load.
We help you choose a super-powerful computer or server, laptop, for the best price.


You may be out of order OS (operating system) Windows?
Installing Windows.
Restore Windows.
We clean the computer from viruses.

Useful tips for computer repair:

When the computer issues more than one sound signal, and two or more, it means that the computer component has failed, you need to turn off the computer and disconnect it from the network, also remember the number and duration of the signals, this will help with diagnosis in the computer service or yourself.  


When the computer turns on and does not display anything on the monitor, do not be scared, turn off the computer from the mains (from the outlet), wait 1-2 minutes, disconnect the cords connecting the computer monitor, monitor-network (socket), visually inspect whether there is black fumes on Connections, and burned contacts, and reconnect if the problem is not resolved not to be worth experimenting further if you are not an expert in the repair of machinery.


When errors appear on the blue background, note down the error number, this may indicate, in most cases, a software failure, and very rarely hardware.


When the computer turns off when the room is very hot it may indicate overheating of the CPU or video card, you need to clean the computer to fix the problem, you need to replace the thermal paste every 3-4 years. (You need to clean not only the CPU and a graphics card, hard drive, north bridge and a power supply is required)  


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