How to adjust the monitor via HDMI

Как настроить монитор через HDMI
Если вы хотите использовать ваш компьютер , чтобы играть в игры в HD высокой четкости, настроить HD телевизор или внешний монитор от компьютера. Вам необходимо подключить монитор HD к компьютеру с помощью кабеля HDMI.
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Causes My computer stutter when playing a sound?

Causes of stuttering sound
Stutters, pauses, breaks In playback, clicks and everything happens when the computer plays a sound. There may be many factors, sound stuttering, as a rule, boils down to the fact that the computer’s CPU is overloaded, or the Internet connection is unstable or slow.
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How do I turn on Sound on my computer?

Enable sound on the computer (resolved)
While your computer has a working sound card, you can connect a set of computer speakers or computer headphones to your computer’s dock to listen to the sound. If the sound does not come up, you have several options for troubleshooting that can help you determine the problem …

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