How can I speed up WiFi on my laptop?

If your laptop is slow to respond to the action in the Internet browser, or a bad   wireless signal. The wireless router sends a signal through the air.

If you are far from the router, or if there is much interference between the laptop and the router, the signal may not be strong enough to make the connection. You can improve wireless communication on your laptop in several ways, depending on what is causing the problem.

What you need
AC adapter
Bring the laptop closer to the router to increase the signal. When the laptop and the router are next to each other, the signal should not be bad, and the signal should be 90-100%. You can also move the router closer to the laptop, if possible.

Reduce the interference near your laptop and router, if possible. Keep metal objects and electronics in several mattresses from the laptop while working on WiFi, as metal objects and electronics can cause interference that can make the signal weaker. If you have access to the router, move it away from the metal objects and place it on the floor or raise it to the middle of the treble to improve the signal.

Select a different wireless channel if you have access to the router. If you are trying to use a router and there are about wireless routers that use the same channel as you, there is interference that slows down your connection. Switch the channel and try to access Wi-Fi on your laptop to see if there is an improvement.

Access the web interface of the router, if possible, to change the transmission settings. Many routers allow you to increase power with a web interface if you experience a slow Wi-Fi connection.

Get a new network adapter for your laptop. A new network adapter will enhance the wireless connection between the laptop and the wireless router.

Update the software on the wireless router and the network adapter to the latest versions, by downloading the update, from the office. Sites of manufacturers.

RemontPC 13 December 2016
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