System Recovery for Dell Latitude D610

Dell Latitude D610 System Recovery
The Dell Latitude D610 laptop computer is equipped with a recovery partition to help you restore the system to your computer. System recovery is an effective method of troubleshooting if your computer issues a critical system error or is infected with malware.

Use the recovery process only as a last resort, the recovery erases all files and programs stored on your laptop’s hard drive.

Disable all: keyboards, mouse, printer, MP3 player or smartphone connected to the computer.

Restart the computer and press the “F8” key several times when the “Dell” logo appears on the screen. “Additional download options” will open.

Use the arrow keys to highlight “Computer Repair” and press “Enter”.

Click the “RU Rusian” button in the “Settings” Language menu and click “Next”. Enter the administrator username and password in the window that appears, then click the “Next” button.

Click on the “Dell Factory Image Restore” icon and click “Next” in the window that opens. Check “Yes, format the hard disk and restore the system software to the factory state,” and click “Next” to start the system recovery process.

RemontPC 16 January 2016
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