How to Turn off the laptop when closing the laptop cover

Turn off the laptop when you close
You can turn off Windows when closing the cover of your laptop. Change the settings in the control panel. Windows 7 allows you to select the option to turn off the laptop when the lid is closed. There are also other options when the laptop cover is closed: “Do Nothing”, “Sleep Mode” and “Shutdown”, “Hibernate Mode”.

You can install it yourself in windows, so that it turns off when your laptop is connected to a power source, or when it is running on battery power. Make these settings in the control panel in less than five minutes. Read more how to set the shutdown off.

Click on the “Start” button, “Control Panel”, “System and Security”, and then select “Power Options”. The Power Options screen allows users to customize the settings that the laptop will stick to without draining the battery.

Select “Change Plan Settings” or “Select Power Plan” on the screen.

Select “Change advanced power settings” from the “Change settings for the plan” screen.

Go to the “Advanced Settings” tab, click the “Power buttons and cover”, and then “Actions when the cover is closed.” Select “Disable” on both the “battery” and “From the network” sections in the drop-down lists. Click the “Save Settings” button for the changes to take effect. The next time you close the lid of your laptop, the laptop automatically shuts down.

RemontPC 13 January 2016
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