How to enable WiFi on Lenovo T61

How to enable WiFi on Lenovo T61
Lenovo laptops contain a feature that allows you to quickly turn Wi-Fi on and off. If you do not know this chip, you will not be able to enjoy all the benefits, and if your computer refuses to connect to Wi-Fi.

Gently rotate Lenovo around so that the back side was at the right of the ac.

Find the Wi-Fi switch on its right side.

Click the switch to the icon In the form of a square.

Turn Lenovo to you, and click Start, Control Panel, Network and Internet, Network Settings, and then Manage Network Connections.

Right-click the wireless adapter in the list, and then click the Enable button if this option is available. Otherwise, just click the “Cancel” button.

RemontPC 16 January 2016
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