How to know when it’s time to change the fan in the laptop

Diagnosis of a fan on a laptop

Self Diagnosis
Your laptop is literally made up of hundreds of tiny metal parts that fit in a compact package that work in unison to make the laptop work like a clock.

If your laptop is running without heavy loads, however, you feel that the bottom is very hot and you are lingering loud buzzing noise – it’s an internal fan that works to cool internal parts of the computer to prevent damage to the hard drive and other components. If your computer is too hot to touch, but you do not hear your fan, its function may be compromised.

Try calling the laptop to feel the warmth – if not already warm and hot. Listen to the buzzing of your fan. If you do not hear it, and it does not turn on for a minute, your cooler (the fan broke).

Take note of any unexpected reboots or laptop shutdowns. If your laptop’s fan is not working and your computer is overheating, your operating system is shutting down to prevent damage to other items.

If the temperature drops and the cooler starts to work, it is not completely serviceable. If you hear a buzzing fan, but the temperature of your computer does not go down – or, worse, it rises up – your cooler is definitely broken or does not perform its functions.

Take the computer to a repair technician at the earliest convenient time. Regularly exposing your system to high temperatures causes rapid wear of the hard drive. The earlier you solve the problem, the less likely it is that there will be a disaster for your laptop.

RemontPC 13 January 2016
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