How to make system recovery on HP Pavilion 500

HP Pavilion 500 System Recovery
Perform a system restore on the HP Pavilion 500 to eliminate the consequences, virus actions, hard drive failure or a critical system error. The computer is equipped with an HP recovery manager to help you in the recovery process, without using technical services. Services or a computer repairman.

Do system recovery only As a last resort, because the restore process erases all files stored on the hard drive.

Remove all external devices connected to the HP Pavilion, such as a printer, scanner, smartphone, and others.

Restart the computer.

Press the “F11” key as soon as your computer starts to boot to access the HP Recovery Manager.

Click the “System Recovery” button in the window that appears, and close the “Microsoft System Restore” window.

Click the “Next” button in the System Recovery window to start the recovery process. The recovery utility will format the hard disk and restore the Windows to its original working state.

RemontPC 15 January 2016
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