How to reset the laptop to the factory settings Latitude E6500 Windows XP

Reset to factory settings

Chief Commander of the development team “Star Trek: The Next Generation” made a secret button, after pressing the system to recover to the factory settings. Your Dell Latitude E6500 has something very similar to the Dell Factory Image Restore partition on your hard drive. With this “secret button” you can reset the computer all the settings and configuration, to that state when it came off the Dell factory line …

All your data will be deleted. Resetting to the factory settings, after which the computer will reboot and install you a clean operating system, it comes with the factory, with Windows XP, Vista or windows 7.

Turn off the computer. Press the power button, then press “F8” on the keyboard until the “Advanced Boot Options” menu appears.

Select “Computer Repair” from the list. Select the language that you want to use in Windows, and then click the “Next” button. Enter your user name and password and click “OK”. Click “Dell Factory Image Restore.”

Click the “Next” button, and then accept a warning that will delete all the information on the computer. Click the “Next” button again. When the restore is complete, click “Finish”. The computer will reboot in factory-fresh condition.

RemontPC 13 January 2016
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