How to reset to factory settings Latitude D420 Dell

Restoring to factory settings Latitude D420 Dell
The fact that you can easily restore your Dell Latitude D420 laptop to the factory state that your laptop got off the factory conveyor is evidence of the progress and power of the technology.

If you are in an acute position and you can afford to delete all the data on your hard drive, then proceed to restore the factory state to your laptop. Before plunging into the recovery through the factory backup, save all the important data from your computer to any storage medium, whether it’s a USB flash drive, drive, or other computer.

What you need:
Dell recovery disc
Dell Drivers and Utilities on CD or USB

Insert the Dell recovery disc into the computer’s drive. Close the disk and restart the computer. As soon as the computer starts to boot press the “F12” key on the keyboard to boot from the recovery disk.

Select the Windows XP installation and accept the warning that all files on your laptop will be deleted. Select the desired language and enter Windows Key located on the label on the bottom of the computer. Wait for the installation process, after completion the computer will restart Windows.

Configure Windows with your username and password. Once the Windows installation is complete. Remove the recovery disc and insert the Dell drivers and utilities CD that came with the laptop. Select the necessary software for installation and driver for your laptop. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Remove the disc from the drive.

RemontPC 14 January 2016
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