How to find device name or Mac address for my laptop

Learn the Mac address of the computer

Media access control (MAC address) is an alphanumeric code assigned to certain types of network equipment. The MAC address is usually assigned initially to the equipment by its manufacturer, and they are usually assigned to network cards …

MAC addresses help to identify each computer on the network specifically and play an important role in network security. Knowing each MAC address on the network can help the network administrator easily identify and filter out intruders.

What you need:
Microsoft Windows
Network card

Click the “Start” button. Enter “System Information” in the search bar.

Click “Device Manager.”

Click the “+” button to the left of “Network adapters or network”.

Select the network card and click on it, In the menu, select “Properties.”

Scroll down a bit until you see “Mac address.” This is your Mac address.

RemontPC 13 January 2016
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