How to adjust the monitor via HDMI

Как настроить монитор через HDMI
Если вы хотите использовать ваш компьютер , чтобы играть в игры в HD высокой четкости, настроить HD телевизор или внешний монитор от компьютера. Вам необходимо подключить монитор HD к компьютеру с помощью кабеля HDMI.
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How to make system recovery on HP Pavilion 500

HP Pavilion 500 System Recovery
Perform a system restore on the HP Pavilion 500 to eliminate the consequences, virus actions, hard drive failure or a critical system error. The computer is equipped with an HP recovery manager to help you in the recovery process, without using technical services. Services or a computer repairman.
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How to reset the laptop to the factory settings Latitude E6500 Windows XP

Reset to factory settings

Chief Commander of the development team “Star Trek: The Next Generation” made a secret button, after pressing the system to recover to the factory settings. Your Dell Latitude E6500 has something very similar to the Dell Factory Image Restore partition on your hard drive. With this “secret button” you can reset the computer all the settings and configuration, to that state when it came off the Dell factory line …

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