Causes My computer stutter when playing a sound?

Causes of stuttering sound
Stutters, pauses, breaks In playback, clicks and everything happens when the computer plays a sound. There may be many factors, sound stuttering, as a rule, boils down to the fact that the computer’s CPU is overloaded, or the Internet connection is unstable or slow.

The question of the principle of sound reproduction
How your computer works behind the scenes to deliver sound content from media players, applications and websites, a malfunction or lack of RAM, a central processing controller and access to the hard drive. Over time, there may be memory leaks, inefficient coding and even random events, such as minor voltage surges or static discharges, when the computer computer is running. When the computer is restarted, the OS is cleared. Memory and other resources. If you notice an audio stutter when the computer has been turned on for a long time, a reboot can fix the problem.

The Case of Drivers
The sound is processed by a computer using specialized computer chips on a sound card or motherboard. These chips work with different computer configurations. For example, a sound card that worked with Windows Vista can still work with Windows 8, but it needs another set of instructions, called drivers, to work with the new operating system. Stuttering can also be a symptom of incompatibility or a driver error, even if you have not made any changes in the system settings. Download the latest driver updates from the manufacturer’s website of your sound card, which can be installed manually or using Windows Update.

Cause In the program
Computer programs, browsers and applications require periodic updates in order to continue uninterrupted work. In many cases, sound problems arise from a program that causes an unusually large waste of resources. Browsers, in particular, present a problem, since the number of installed plug-ins and open tabs can overload the computer. Try disabling the plugins and closing the tabs to improve performance. Clearing the browser’s cache and files can also improve the playback of web audio.

Internet connection
Internet radio stations and other sources of audio content directly depend on the bandwidth of the Internet connection. Interruptions in the audio stream can cause sound to pause, stop, and stutter. Rebooting the modem and router can help, and connecting to a computer using a network cable provides a faster data transfer speed than Wi-Fi. Some sound cards have specialized programs for controlling playback, this can be the reason, use the control panel to increase the sound buffer. This will allow your computer to store more data to smooth any delays in data delivery.

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