How to remove from the browser Zugo

Remove toolbar from browser

The Zugo toolbar is a plug-in for the browser that changes the default browser home page to The plugin also slows down the computer. Most people install the Zugo toolbar after offering to do this on websites that offer free gifts or those that require Zugo installation in order to read the information on the site.

You can remove Zugo from your PC using Internet Explorer and the Registry Editor program.

Open Internet Explorer on your computer. Click the “Tools” button in the top menu, select “Manage Add-ons.”

Right-click “Zugo” in the window that appears and select “Disable All”. Click “Close” at the bottom of the window.

Press the “Windows” key on your keyboard and scroll down to “Windows Explorer.” Click to open it, and then go to “C: \ ProgramFiles \ SearchToolbar.” Double-click the “Delete” icon and follow the instructions.

Press the “Windows” key on your keyboard again and click “Run”, type “Regedit” and press “Enter” to open the Registry Editor.

Double-click the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” button in the left pane of the window that appears, and double-click “Software”. Right-click the “Zugo” folder, then click “Delete.” Click the “X” button in the upper-right corner of the Registry Editor to close it.

Open Firefox. Open the settings menu. Do not pay attention to the warning and press down. Scroll down, on the page that appears, click the left mouse button on “Reset to default settings.” All tracks of Zugo are now removed from your computer.

RemontPC 13 January 2016
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