How do I turn on Sound on my computer?

Enable sound on the computer (resolved)
While your computer has a working sound card, you can connect a set of computer speakers or computer headphones to your computer’s dock to listen to the sound. If the sound does not come up, you have several options for troubleshooting that can help you determine the problem …

The speakers may not be installed correctly or the computer sound settings may not be correct. You may also have hardware problems with your computer’s sound card.

Connect the speaker to the computer with a wire B to the audio socket on the back side (green slot). Make sure the speakers are turned on and the power button is pressed.

Click on the “Sound” icon “Icon As a speaker” in the taskbar of your computer (bottom right). Make sure that the volume slider at the top and the speaker are not crossed out with a red line.

Right-click the Sound icon and select “Play devices.” Make sure that your speakers or headphones have a green check mark next to them in the device list. If they do not have a checkmark, right-click and set “Set as the default device,” and then click “OK” to make the changes.

Check the sound card
Click Start, right-click Computer, and then click Properties.

Click “Device Manager” in the menu on the right. This shows the hardware installed on your computer.

Click the “+” sign next to “sound, video and game controllers.” If the sound card does not appear in this section, your computer can not detect the sound card at all. This may require you to reinstall the sound card in the computer or replace it with a new card or if there is no it and there are yellow question marks in the general list means an uninstalled driver to the sound card.

Right-click the sound card. Select “Properties” if you see a yellow question mark next to the name of the sound card. This helps to identify the problem. Often, you can download and install new drivers for your sound card from the sound card manufacturer’s website to troubleshoot hardware problems.

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