How to fix 301 error

How to fix 301 error
If you receive an error 301 on your computer, this is due to access rights or corrupted system files. If you do not immediately fix this error, it can lead to additional system problems: blue screen, hardware problems, program freezes, installer errors, random stops, system hangs and the computer runs slowly, these are common symptoms.

Fortunately, you can fix error 301 using the windows tool.

Click Start, and then click Computer. Right-click and select Properties.

Select the “Tools” tab and click “Check now”. Select “Continue” if the User Account Control is enabled and the prompt appears.

Select the option “Automatically fix file system errors,” and click “Run.” Agree to move the test to the next system startup.

Reboot the system. Enable disk checking to detect and repair all errors.

RemontPC 16 January 2016
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