Why does not USB work?

Usb does not work
If the connected device is not the source of the problem, there are several possible reasons why the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port is not working. The computer’s USB ports may not work due to: internal hardware problems, improper software configuration, problems with the connected device, or the use of an incompatible USB cable.

The previously connected device to the USB port that worked without problems may not work through connected later faulty or incompatible devices, so it’s written on the Microsoft website, even after the shutdown. To fix this, turn off the computer and start it again. Another problem is that if the device is quickly connected and disconnected, the USB port may lead to a connection error. Reconnecting the device and scanning hardware changes, restarting the system or resetting the USB controller can correct this problem and make the USB ports working again, according to information from Microsoft.

Software Configuration
Other main reasons for not working USB ports are: invalid software settings and operating system settings. The problem can be related to the settings if you recently added a new port or device, and a new operating system was installed, or you made other significant changes to the computer setup. Settings in the control panel, device manager, or program. It is also possible that the computer still needs a driver for the USB port, device or controller. In addition, the computer may have a virus that interferes with the operation of some device or USB ports.

Hardware Problems
Although problems with software or devices tend to create problems more often than hardware failures, but this option can not be ruled out. Maybe the wire connected from the USB port to the motherboard is disconnected. Other potential hardware reasons include port corruption or a nonexistent USB controller. It is also possible that the ports just need to be cleaned.

Other reasons
The wrong type of USB cable is connected. Use a high-speed device with a low speed USB cable, so it’s written on the Microsoft website. Some older operating systems do not support USB, so the ports will not work, and power the device. For the explanation of possible reasons, refer to the operating instructions of the computer, the connected devices and any other additional USB equipment that you can find on the official website of the manufacturer.

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