Causes My computer stutter when playing a sound?

Causes of stuttering sound
Stutters, pauses, breaks In playback, clicks and everything happens when the computer plays a sound. There may be many factors, sound stuttering, as a rule, boils down to the fact that the computer’s CPU is overloaded, or the Internet connection is unstable or slow.
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Why does not USB work?

Usb does not work
If the connected device is not the source of the problem, there are several possible reasons why the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port is not working. The computer’s USB ports may not work due to: internal hardware problems, improper software configuration, problems with the connected device, or the use of an incompatible USB cable.
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How do I turn on Sound on my computer?

Enable sound on the computer (resolved)
While your computer has a working sound card, you can connect a set of computer speakers or computer headphones to your computer’s dock to listen to the sound. If the sound does not come up, you have several options for troubleshooting that can help you determine the problem …

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How to remove from the browser Zugo

Remove toolbar from browser

The Zugo toolbar is a plug-in for the browser that changes the default browser home page to The plugin also slows down the computer. Most people install the Zugo toolbar after offering to do this on websites that offer free gifts or those that require Zugo installation in order to read the information on the site.
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How to reset the laptop to the factory settings Latitude E6500 Windows XP

Reset to factory settings

Chief Commander of the development team “Star Trek: The Next Generation” made a secret button, after pressing the system to recover to the factory settings. Your Dell Latitude E6500 has something very similar to the Dell Factory Image Restore partition on your hard drive. With this “secret button” you can reset the computer all the settings and configuration, to that state when it came off the Dell factory line …

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How to Turn off the laptop when closing the laptop cover

Turn off the laptop when you close
You can turn off Windows when closing the cover of your laptop. Change the settings in the control panel. Windows 7 allows you to select the option to turn off the laptop when the lid is closed. There are also other options when the laptop cover is closed: “Do Nothing”, “Sleep Mode” and “Shutdown”, “Hibernate Mode”.
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